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Dill Desi

Dill Desi is a South Indian meal kit company based in the heart of London. They deliver fresh frozen healthy Indian meals that are delicious. Perfect alternative to delivering from Deliveroo, especially during those lazy work days.

Check their website🤙🏾
You will be surprised😉

Client Brief

The client was looking to stand out from the crowd with their website. They were familiar with Wix but wanted something more custom that resonated with their brand and vibe.

During out initial strategy call, Shopify seemed to be the most viable option due to the vast number of plugins that can extend the backend functionalities.

However, we realised that Webflow's e-commerce platform was robust enough to handle most of the business's need. And on top of that, with Webflow, we can build a website to our heart's desire. So, yea we did.

My Role

The client was tight on budget (like every client) so we brainstormed some ideas on how we could reduce the cost. The main thing we did to reduce cost was to identify what are the most important pages and what are not.

We kept all the requirements of the website and fit it all into 5 pages. This really allowed us to focus the time and money to ensure the pages are the best version they could be.

I designed the website before their product photography was done. This allowed us to art direct the photos to match the website style.

Because of this holistic approach to the website, we have pictures that complement the website perfectly (this is rare with many many websites). The subtle rotation animation as the website scrolls, perfection!!👌🏽

Final Website
Check their website🤙🏾
You will be surprised😉

Here's what they have to say

It was such a pleasure working with Vimalan! He was very flexible, and he did what is the best for my business and created an amazing website!! I was already very specific with what I want, and he did manage to create a perfect website based on my brief! It was perfect. Thanks Vimalan. I’d definitely work with you again in the future if I need anything else! 😊

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